October 11, 2011

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

Went to the BBW sale last Saturday. The second day of the fair. Wanted to go on the first day itself, but K refuse to bring me on the first day. So off we went on the second day. My actual plan is to meet and lepak with my cousin who just got back for good from Cuba the last 3 weeks. She’s been busy the previous weekends. So we plan for meet up this weekend.Knowing how much she loves books, I asked her to join us to BBW sale. And she said yes! We supposed to meet at the book fair around 2PM. But out of a sudden, my aunt called and told me that is it okay if she wants to drop by our house, because she was in that area. I could say NO to her, but i didn't.

She has never been to our house before ever since we moved in. She wanted to see how we decorate and design our house just to get some advice and ideas for her new home. She really like what we did with our house, especially what K did for our guest room ;P [everyone seems to like it and amazed with that room. some of them could not believe that K did it himself. but yes! he did it all by himself.*so proud of him* took him 3 days to get it done.a lot of hard work and patient]

As we sitting and chit-chatting at the living hall, while her kids were playing FIFA12 with K, I told her that we’re going to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale and meeting my cousin. She got excited about the book sale, but more excited on meeting my cousin and her Cubano husband [fyi, no one in my family ever meet my cousin and her husband yet since they came back from Cuba 3 weeks ago] . Then off we went at 2PM. We reached there quiet late. My cousin(Mira) can’t stay long, because they planned to hit Low Yatt afterward, to show how cool Low Yatt is to her Cubano husband (Yoyi). So yeah just managed to get a 15 minutes hi and bye and planned for another meet up which is on Sunday. [This is another story, i'll give you guys the teaser first before i update the full entry]

And now, come, allow me to 'take' you to there..

Tina and Danial helping us to do the Math! haha...alot of damage i tell you.

Thank you Danial and Tina for being sooooo kind helping us with the books! :)  They are actually pretty good you know. Boleh diharap. Kalau buku yang tak berapa bagus condition nya, diorang akan pergi dapat kan yang bagus punya. Kitorang tak suruh pon, diorang dengan rela hati nak buat. Love you guys!

Hari tu memang stroller Thaqif kegunaanya untuk letak buku-buku. Lupe pulak nak snap gambar sebelum bayar. Kesian stroller thaqif kene angkat buku berat2. Nasib baik tak patah ke ape ke :P

They provide trolley if you buy alot of books. Tak perlu susah payah pegi ke car park. They gave a pass so that you can bring your car to the hall. Easy to load all the books in you car.

So far i managed to get books that i wanted. Only a few i didnt get. Agak mencabar, sebab sebelah tangan pegang Thaqif, sebelah tangan lagi nak pilih buku, pastu pegang buku. Buku pulak semua yang berat2, lebih berat dari Thaqif. It's really a work out for me.

Ks'. I picked The Dads' Book and Grilling for him. Hehe.

Mine. I can't find Kabul Beauty School.I dont really like Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic, but it's dirt cheap! I bought them for my baby sis and a friend. And that Jamie Olivers' is only RM25!!!

Thaqifs'. Crazy about the Baby Einstein flash card for my Lil' Einstein!

That's all we managed to get. There's a lot more! Tapi time tu my aunt nak cepat nak ajak gi dinner. So agak kelam kabut sikit. Haih~ Lagipun total damage agak overbudget sikit. :P

To those who haven't get the chance to go, i say GO! It's really worth it. The cheapest book you can find is RM3 and the most expensive is RM60. Loco! I know. Don't miss out this event peeps. Rugi kalau tak pergi. For more info you can visit their Big Bad Wolf Book Sale website or their Facebook Page.

Whatchu waiting for??? Move your butt outta here! Go go go!


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