July 6, 2011


Ahhhhhhh, its been a while now. My baby boi is already 55days. Hes a bright and purrrfect lil fella. Alhamdulillah, i could not ask for more. Ade jaundice sikit mase hari ke 3,pastu my mom just jemur him under the sunlight, ala2 sunbathing gitu. His pusat tanggal masa hari ke-5, lega! Selagi tak tanggal selagi tu rase cam x best, nampak mcm sakit & x selesa je Thaqif boy. Owh btw, we named him Rizq Thaqif. Rizq: rezeki Thaqif: bijak & cepat faham. So far he is a fast learner. ;)

Pengalaman melahirkan baby memang sangat2 overwhelming, paling best bile baby dah keluar lepas tu doktor terus letak atas dada, masih panas, hot from the oven. I took epidural tho. Senang sikit nak push, i feel like im in control. Kalau ditanya would i want another baby? I'd say errrrrrrrrrrr nnnnnnnooo. But i plan to have 2 kids. Hubs also wanted at least 2 kids. But nursing an infant isnt an easy job to do. I have to think like million times. Not enough sleep, err i dun think i sleep but just napping, no quality me time, no quality date night because everytime we went out mesti asyik teringat kat thaqif boy. Walaupun my mom yg babysit him, but we felt so guilty because we didnt brought him along. The first 2 weeks after i gave birth was the most crucial period for me. I had my confinement at my moms' in ampang. K was on leave for 7 days stretch. After that he went back to our house in puchong. But he'll come and sleepover at my moms on alternate days and weekends. And everytime when K is not around, i feel so sad and down. Stressed with my body condition, stiches, breastfeeding, cracked and bleeding nipple, baby crying, lack of sleep, huge routines changes , confinement bla, bla, bla. I always cried when im in my room,alone. No one knows. One day, i cant take it anymore i cried in front of K. I feel like i have to take charge on everything but im so exhausted. I feel like im all alone. Padahal time tu my mom ade, K ade, my sister ade. Semua pon sama2 tolong. Tapi disebabkan hormone yg tak stabil ni i jadi mcm very depressed. Nasib baik lah K ade bace article pasal sindrom lepas bersalin and he did some research about it. So he try to pujuk me and told me that we're in this together. I have him and im not alone. After the third week, i'm a lot more stable and alive.Kalau tak rase mcm zombie je hari2. Nasib baiklah sindrom depressed tu tak lame, kalau tak boleh meroyan. Nauzubillah. Syukur lah dah lepas all that phase.

I was totally wrong. Dulu i tot jage baby kecik mcm senang je, rupenye jauh panggang dari api. Lol. Tapi ade bestnye jgak. Paling best bile baby sembang2, pastu senyum2, gelak2. Rase mcm berbaloi2! Thaqif ni baby yg cerdik and cepat faham, kene lah dgn name die. Owh and die cepat boring dan tersangatlah manja. Belum masuk dua bulan lagi dah pandai memilih orang. So clever this boy. Geram! I plan to upload some videos of him. Nantilah kalau ade mase. Maklumlah skarang ni nak update blog pon dah tak sempat semenjak ade Thaqif.


These 2 books really help me to understand my baby a lot more. Now we're talking to each other like nobody's business. Lol! Thanks to a friend of mine  who recommended me these books ;) lega sikit rasa. I think all new mothers should read it. It's very interesting and the author making it very enjoyable to read. Once you started read it, you'll be excited to finish it. But, being a new mom, mane ade masa sgt nak bace kan? mesti lebih pentingkan tido kan? hahaha..i totally understand. I read it before i went to bed, after i put Thaqif to sleep. At least 5 pages sekali baca pon dah okay. Tapi problemnya buku ni tersangat menarik, bile dah bace 5 pages mesti nak selak lagi ;P   Go get it, serious tak rugi. 

Here I quoted something from Secrets Of The Baby Whisperer. 

'Having a baby is by far the most life-changing event you'll ever experience -- bigger than marriage or a new job, or even the death of a loved one.' 

'Parenting is a tough, sometimes scary, constantly demanding, and often unrewarding job.'

- Tracy Hogg

P/s : personally i think all husband should do alot of reading about pre and post pregnancy too. Lebih senang nak faham wifey nanti. Mcm K, mule2 pon die ingat i mcm mengada2 nak nangis2 and stress. Itu sebelum he starts reading. Lepas die dah baca and ask some advice from a close cousin then he understand. So takdelah nak gaduh2 x tentu pasal, sbb masa dlm pantang tu mmg sangat2 mencabar. Mase ni lah kite nak lebih memahami each other and mase ni lah kite nak nampak how strong or weak your love towards each other. Barulah betul through thick and thin! ;)

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