April 22, 2011

The Antenatal Class (Part 2)

Hello there! Sorry for the extended delay for this entry post. I just got the camera from my sis. 

We went for antenatal class which was held at Columbia Asia Puchong at Bandar Puteri at my 34week. It was not bad, very informative for both of us. I won't be delivering my baby here at Columbia Asia though. It was our second option at first [1st option was Naluri Medical Centre]. But we changed our mind recently to Putrajaya Hospital under the FPP scheme [cheaper and more nearer to our house]. We were supposed to go for antenatal class at Putrajaya Hospital; where we registered to deliver our baby but we didn't. The reason is because, the class will only be once a month and ONLY on MONDAY [and ONLY those who registered to deliver their baby there are welcome to participate]. Very exclusive. But the thing is we don't want to waste our annual leave just for the class. So we looked for other options, and lucky us Columbia Asia antenatal class is still ongoing in April on Sunday. So i called them and register. The fees differences are not much, Columbia Asia is RM80/couple and Putrajaya Hospital is RM70/couple. 

What did we get for RM80/couple? We got a goodie bag full with some samples like milk from EnfaMama, some diapers for newborn, lots of pamphlets which contains a very important informations, head pillow for baby, nursing bag, some fancy flash card for baby, and a lot more i can't remember. They also provide breakfast and lunch. We had sandwiches with tea/coffee for breakfast and a plate of fish & chip with cordial drinks and some dessert. Sangat puas hati lah pendek kata.

And the talk were given on : 
-Physiology of normal pregnancy
-The Labor- What every woman should know
-Common problems in newborn
-Epidural anesthesia
-Video show epidural
-Tips to reduce backache during pregnancy
-Breastfeeding technique
-Nursing your baby
-Antenatal exercise 
-Ward tour
*Too bad they didn't show the video of normal birthing and c-sect. But you can still watch it on Youtube though.

Overall, the talk was not bad, i only yawned like a couple of times. It's because i am really sleepy [sleepless night, you know why]  not because i was bored with all the lectures ya? [they will let you ask any question at the end of their lecture] Let me share one of my favourite part from the class. It's called Myth or Fact of Pregnancy.

1.MYTH : When you're pregnant, you should be eating for 2.
  FACT : You should not be eating for 2. Eat like you normally do but change to a healthy  
  meal if you could.Because logically your baby is sooooooooooooo tiny to eat all the second  
  portion of yours. He probably will eat only 1/7 from the foods that you consume.

2. MYTH : It's okay to be fat during pregnancy
    FACT : You should only be gained 15kg MAXIMUM from your ideal weight. Being pregnant 
    is not a PASS for you to be fat and eat every food that you can find in this world. You  
    still have to control your ideal body weight and BMI. This will prevent you to get any 
    'unwanted' disease such as diabetes or high blood pressure during pregnancy.

3. MYTH : DHA is the only nutrient needed for baby's development.
    FACT : DHA is important for baby's brain development. But there's a lot of other nutrient  
    needed such as Choline, Folic Acid and Calcium.

4. MYTH : All milk are the same
    FACT : Not all milk are the same

Now, can you the different between the myth and the fact? 
And this is the suggested daily menu that you can follow once you know that you're pregnant.

Another interesting part is the ward tour. They bring us to see the ward the single bedded and double bedded and also the labor room. 

The labor room is very cozy! Loving it but too bad i'm not gonna give birth here. I wonder how is the labor room in Putrajaya Hospital. Would it be this nice? But according to a friend of mine who went to antenatal class at Putrajaya Hospital, she said that the labor room is nice and cozy too. I will not put high expectation, but hopefully it will be as nice as this or even better. Hehe..

So if you still hesitating whether you should participate the antenatal class or not, i'd say go for it! Especially to the first time parents [ade jugak yang tengah pregnant anak kedua dan ketiga join this class].  At least you get the idea on how you should handle yourself and your wife(for husband) and your baby.  Don't ever think this class is a burden, enjoy it! You wont  be regret. Trust me  :)


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