March 10, 2011

We Should Be Thankful Everyday

I am now : 16 weeks

I'm officially 4 months preggy now. Nuthing much to update. Cuma org dah mula perasan perut i yg besar ni. Punggung,pinggang dan tulang belakang semakin sakit. Sekarang tambah dengan flu + soar throat + coughing. Nice combination, i like! Blerrrrghhh~

Went to Hard Rock Hotel Penang last weekend for my company Thanksgiving Dinner Trip. It was awesome, but so tiring. Mungkin sebab pregnancy ni kot. Kalau tak pregnant, tak lah penat sangat rasenya. It was actually our second time kat sana. Everything was great cume yang tak bestnya i only won a Jusco voucher worth RM50 only. That sux! I was aiming for the new 8GB iPod Touch, tapi dapat kat orang lain pulak. Tak bertuah langsung i ni.

in the car, on the ferry

checking in

messy bed

The Lamb Chop from The Ship that i craved for

the bathroom

my favourite breakfast. lagi best kalau ade nasi lemak bungkus daun pisang. mmg perfect!

At the Thanksgiving Dinner

At the Thanksgiving Dinner

with Addy the emcee for the night

Vain moment

After the dinner

After the dinner

At Toy Museum for teambuilding activity with my 'super team'

The belly

Time to go home! Ciao~

That's all for now dolls! I will try to update more about pregnancy soon. We're going for check up this weekend. Hopefully we can see boy or girl this time.  :)

p/s : I know i'm getting fatter. Tak payah cakap pon i dah tau sendiri. Durh~


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