March 10, 2011

Things Change And Friends Leave And Life Doesn't Stop For Anybody

I am now : 11 weeks.

How i hope i can jump terus ke 7 months without all the morning sickness. I'm 100% sure that  people who has not experience morning sickness would never understand how it feels. They won't know how suffering it can be. And some people might think orang pregnant ni ngada2, saje buat2 nak attention and nak excuse. Oh tidak! Tidak sama sekali! I have experience it myself. Sometimes i wish i better die than living like this, smpi macam tu sekali die punya seksa. Sleepless night, vomitting in the morning is a must [and will continue in the afternoon,evening and at night] no energy, no passion or interest to move around or even to meet people, bau ini tak boleh, bau itu tak boleh, nak masak tak boleh, nak makan pon kalau boleh nak orang tolong suapkan, nak minum air masak tak boleh, nak telan air liur sendiri tak boleh, no appetite to eat but still hafta eat because if not it will get more and more worse and u might be admitted in the hospital due to dehydrated or maybe low pressure. Fuhhhh..

Tak saba betul nak tunggu habis first trimester. Harap2 lepas first trimester dah okay sikit. I want to enjoy my pregnancy, bukan suffer. Semua orang akan suruh i bersabar banyak2. And i tried, but sometimes tak boleh tahan sampai kadang2 ternangis jugak. Hehe..nasib baik ade husband yang sangat penyabar, penyayang, eventhough i know die mesti penat nak melayan my kerenah tapi dear buat cool je. Kesian dear. Bile tengok betapa ikhlas dan sabarnya dear melayan segala macam karenah, tu yang buat lagi bertambah sayang dan rase sangat bertuah dan bersyukur.  Baru rase macam i am not alone. My husband selalu kate, " syg sabar je banyak2, we're in this together". And he always told me that i look sexier than ever. LOL!. Padahal i rase sekarang ni i am fugly like REALLY fat and ugly. Diri sendiri pon tak sanggup nak tgk muka sendiri. Baru 11 weeks pregnant tapi perut besar mcm dah 5months tapi bile makan muntah, tu yang i sungguh tak paham.

Owh before i forgot, my sister in law pon pregnant jugak! Alhamdulillah after 5 years they have been waiting. I am so happy for them though they're not really believing that they're actually going to have a baby in another 8 months. Maklumlah, 5 tahun tu tunggu sekali pegi cek doctor kate ade good news. Haruslah macam stunned sekejap kan. Seronok jugak rase same2 pregnant. Hehe.. Nanti my parents in law ade 2 bundle of joy, or maybe 4? Hehe.. Ramai jugak kawan2 i yang tengah pregnant skarang, seronok je tgk diorang. Dan ramai jugak yang akan due bulan May. :) Most of them takde morning sickness yang teruk. Bertuah sungguh.

If you guys have any advice on pregnancy please, share it with me. In the mean time i'm reading some stuff fromBabyCenter, very informative. Till then, have a great weekdays ahead!
p/s :  I can't believe I am going to be a mom! :)  I can't wait to kish & hold you in my arms Darling!


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